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Using high-resolution micro-/nanofocus-X-ray technology as well as 3D computed tomography (CT), we screen components from a wide range of industries down to the smallest detail.

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Frequently asked questions

We perform 2D X-ray analysis and three-dimensional industrial computed tomography. 2D X-ray analyses are particularly suitable for fast detailed analysis. Our 3D computed tomography enables precise imaging of entire components or individual sub-areas. We will be happy to advise you personally on the right inspection method for your needs.

Almost all materials can be tested with our non-destructive testing methods. To scan materials with high density or large wall thickness (e.g. iron, copper, gold), a higher energy is required. Please feel free to contact us in this regard so that we can find a suitable test method for you.

For 2D X-ray analysis, the maximum component height is 205 mm, with a sample weight of up to approx.10 kg. Further details can be found here Dimensions X-ray system interior

For CT analyses, we have specialized in rather small components with edge lengths (LxWxH) up to 0.2 mm. Maximum components with edge lengths up to approx. 50 mm are possible.

With our high-tech scanning systems, we can check your samples for possible defects quickly and without destruction. This provides you with quality assurance information about your product in no time at all and allows you to guarantee future safety, integrity as well as the correct structure. This not only saves you valuable time, but also money to eliminate defective products.

Please feel free to contact us by phone +43 3135 5481210 or by e-mail. With pictures and dimensions of your samples we can determine the approximate testing time and calculate costs. We will then arrange a personal appointment with you. We will gladly send you an offer in advance.

You have the option to be on-site in our lab during the scanning process. However, this is not a must-have. You are welcome to send us your samples and the analysis will be performed according to your instructions. We provide you with the results of your analysis immediately in real time and also store them digitally. Billing is based on the actual duration of the test or on the current price list.

You will receive your X-ray images or CT data, as well as a short summary of the results, by e-mail, saved on a USB stick, or uploaded to your server. Upon request, you will also receive a detailed test report in pdf format (for details, please refer to our current price list, which we will be happy to send you). Of course, your application results will be treated absolutely confidential by us!

Self pickup or shipping by DPD parcel service. When returning the samples, we charge a flat shipping fee, according to the current price list.

Variant 1:

  • We send you an offer in advance with the estimated test duration and test costs.
  • You send us an order.
  • After the X-ray / CT analysis, you receive an order confirmation and invoice, with the actual test duration and test costs, according to the offered hourly rate.


Variant 2:

  • After the analysis we send you an offer with the exact testing duration and testing costs.
  • You send us your order
  • We send you the order confirmation and invoice.


Variant 3:

  • After the analysis is completed, we send you an invoice with the exact test duration and test costs.
  • The minimum time is 0.5 hours. After 1 hour, the invoice is issued in 15-minute intervals. The order confirmation and invoice will be sent by e-mail in pdf format.