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Industrial X-ray-/ and CT analysis

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Micro-/nanofocus X-ray technology

Reliable defect analysis through highest image resolution

Detection of micro cracks, air pockets & material deformation

X-ray Service GmbH

We get to the bottom of things! Using high-resolution micro-/nanofocus X-ray technology and 3D computed tomography (CT), we investigate components from a wide range of industries down to the smallest detail. Our customers come from the electronics, automotive or aerospace industries and have relied on our high-tech test method for 20 years. Our claim: To constantly set new standards for your quality assurance.

Industrial X-ray-/ and CT analysis

In our X-ray laboratory in Premstätten near Graz, we conduct industrial X-ray-/ and CT analysis. We scan different materials non-destructively and within a very short time. Possible defects become visible immediately. In contrast to optical inspection, no structure remains hidden with our test method.

Get certainty with just one scan – Our experienced experts provide you with the results immediately as digital X-ray images. This gives you reliable inspections and saves valuable time in quality assurance.

X-ray Service GmbH
X-ray Service GmbH


2D X-ray analysis | X-ray Service GmbH

2D X-ray analysis

Not only medicine benefits from high-resolution X-ray images, also large parts of the industry. Whether material testing or failure analysis – with a 2D- X-ray inspection you benefit from a non-destructive defect analysis. Thanks to resolution in the submicrometer range, we enable a comprehensive defect analysis in which, for example, cavities, pores or cracks can be evaluated. The result is available in just a few minutes.
3D computed tomography | X-ray Service GmbH

3D computed tomography (CT)

You are probably familiar with the classic CT examination at the doctor’s office, where an X-ray tube moves around the patient and takes images using X-rays. Per rotation, several thousand sectional images can be recorded in a small space. This works in a similar way in industrial computed tomography. With our modern CT scanning system, we are able to capture the complete geometry of a component geometry in the shortest possible time without destroying it.

3 video examples of our ct analyses

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